GO Green Fit: Cleans And Squats

In this workout, hang power cleans, power cleans, front squats, air squats, and push-ups all make an appearance. The concept of this workout is in the combination of cleans and squats, which both seriously target your thighs. By the end of this routine, your thighs will feel horrible but look great, both on the front and the back.

Power cleans and hang power cleans both work the hamstrings more than any other muscle. That being said, they also target your forearms, butt, and calves. The list goes on and they hit a lot of the body’s muscles. But when cleans and squats are combined, the other sides of your thighs also get to work. Squats are all about your quads, but like cleans, also hit your butt and calves.

Watch the video to see a routine that combines cleans and squats. Have you seen this combo before? Are you looking forward to getting the hottest thighs around? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.


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