GO Green Fit: Brick Ab-Mash

If you are dying to have that killer set of 6-pack abs or even 8, the Brick Ab-Mash workout from our favorite crossfit trainer on Instagram is as close to death you can push your abs. And if you are game, the results will definitely show. The routine includes 3 sets: 20 seconds of a Russian twist, a 20-second plank hold, 20 seconds of V-ups, and then 20 seconds of ab-rollouts. A killer set of abs might make you send your abs to hell and back, but isn’t a sexy set of abs worth it? Of course it is.

Both the Russian twist and the ab-rollout work your lower back some in addition to targeting your abdominal muscles. The V-ups (also called jackknife sit-ups) and the plank hold stick the pressure and focus it all on your abs. The work is all condense into 4 minutes total here, with what should be a minimal amount of rest between sets. This is a quick and effect ab workout, fast enough that you never have to skip a day. But it is also strenuous enough, that you might have to convince yourself not to.

What do you think of the brick ab-mash workout in this Instagram video? Did something similar, or exactly like this brick ab-mash workout get your your rocking set of abs? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.