GO Green Fit: Bench Thrusters

Our cross-fit trainer is back and making us work for the bodies we want. In this Instagram video, he gets in some cardio with an AirDyne machine, and works his shoulders and quadriceps with bench thrusters. Thrusters are a simple and effective exercise, if you can muster the strength to do them properly. As always, if you are just trying out an exercise, start with a light level of weight and increase until you are pushing yourself enough.

To begin a set of thrusters, sit down on a bench and rest your dumbbells on your shoulders. From there you stand up and raise the dumbbells over your head, thrusting high enough that your elbow is completely extended. From there, you lower the dumbbells to your shoulders, and then sit back down on the bench for another rep. Combining this with cardio is a great work out if you are short on time. Our trainer increases his reps by two for each set, all under a 6-minute time cap.

Are thrusters your preferred exercise for working your shoulders? Have you exercises on an AirDyne machine? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.