Gianmarco Dortenzio Makes A Heat Wave

Summer is still in full swing, and it isn’t the only thing. These photos from underwear brand Joe Snyder are all about model Giancaro Dortenzio, and that super intense bulge. He wears looks from their new Dazzling Collection in blue and pink. Both look great on him, and both hug is junk in a super flatting way. And we mean that in two ways. On one hand, he looks flattering. On the other, we are flattered just to see.

Gianmarco Dortenzio is a man with plenty of muscle, and plenty of reasons to wear nothing but these sleek and sexy undies. Photographed by Anibal Velasquez in waters off the coast of Venezuala, Gianmarco’s set of photos are all hot and wet. So of course the result is steamy. And when we get to see his butt peeking out from under the pink mini cheek, it is a full-on heat wave. Check out the gallery below to see more of Gianmarco Dortenzio in his photo shoot for Joe Snyder. To buy Joe Snyder in North America, check out

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Photo Credit: Anibal Velasquez

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