Gianmarco Dortenzio, Bulge In Black

Can anyone pull off looks from Joe Snyder the way Gianmarco Dortenzio can? Gianmarco is becoming the face of this Mexican underwear brand, and this set of photos shows him wearing another look from their new Dazzling Collection. Black underwear looks are almost always sexy. But when they are made to show off a man’s bulge, and that man is Gianmarco Dortenzio, the word “sexy” just doesn’t begin to cover it.

Gianmarco was captured in the Joe Snyder Dazzling Boxer – Black by photographer Anibal Velasquez. He lays down on the sand and gets wet with the tide. He poses in front of a giant boulder, which somehow manages to emphasize how rock-hard and chiseled Gianmarco’s body is. The shots by the rock especially show off his chest. Which is massive. And very sexy. But that being said, we would take Gianmarco laying down over standing any day. And when he is one the sand, his abs seem to ripple as much as the waves.

Look at the gallery below to see more of Gianmarco Dortenzio, photographed by Anibal Velasquez. Do you love how he pulls of the look from Joe Snyder? What color underwear would you put him in? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Joe Snyder


Photo Credit: Anibal Velasquez

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