Garcon Model Watson Line, It’s Elementary My Dear

Garcon Model Watson

The Garcon Model Watson Line may bear the name of the great detective’s smart and slightly frumpy best friend, but the look, feel, and style of these sleek briefs ($28.00) or boxers ($32.00) are certainly more suited for the great sleuth Sherlock himself.

Designed from a fabric blend of 82% nylon and 18% elastane, both the looks in the Garcon Model Watson Line will hug you firmly, never let you go, and do so with the kiss of a lover and not the sting of a fighter. Both pairs sculpt your body and provide support and lift where you want it in the back, and where you need it in the front.

The pouch on both are strategically contoured, following the lines of your hips without directly lining the area. It’s the art of deception at play, they look for show but feel for function. There is a center seam that is almost invisible. And the lining in bright neon that follows the inner thigh, and around the leg openings is in fabulous contrast to the muted grey of the underwear itself.

The waistband is wide and sports the Garcon Model ‘GM’ in a fashionable, repeating way that stands out for both you and the brand itself. The backside on the Garcon Model Watson Briefs and Boxers is seamless. And best of all, there is no tag on these underwear so when you’re solving whodunnit’s you can scratch your head and not your butt.

The Garcon Model Watson Line briefs and boxers come in grey with neon piping in sizes S-XL.

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Photo Credit: Garcon Model