The Garcon Model Collins Collection: A Sexy Standard X2


The Garcon Model Collins Collection is what every man needs: that go-to classic pair of white undies done up with style and panache. The Garcon Model Collins Collection features two looks: trunks ($32) and briefs ($28). Both are designed with both look and feel in mind to make sure you take your standards with a dash of sexy.

The fabric for both looks in The Garcon Model Collins Collection is made from 82% nylon and 18% elastane. With this kind of quality in store it’s no wonder these two looks are listed as “the most popular purchase in their online store.”  The waistband has a shiny metallic hue with the Garcon Model logo in repeat design around the thick waist. It sits just below the hips and will stay there no matter what the activity.

The pouch on the Garcon Model Collins Collection is designed for performance. It has a center seam and two diagonal seams on the side that run the length of your inner though. This creates the perfect shape to provide you with comfortable stability and a look that draws everyone’s eye right to where it should be looking.

The Backside of the Garcon Model Collins trunks and briefs is seamless. This is a great look for white because it allows the contours of your behind to take center stage. Overall these great white briefs and trunks will keep you cool and dry. That’s their job — along with making you look good. They come in white with a metallic waistband.

The Garcon Model Collins Collection is available in sizes S-XL.

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Photo Credit: Garcon Model

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