Aaron M. Perez Aces Shoot in Pump!

Aaron M. Perez


One look at Spanish model Aaron M. Perez, and you could probably guess that fitness is important to him. Besides the occasional underwear job, Aaron spends countless days at the gym, prepping for fitness competitions around his hometown of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain. With such a background, it makes perfect sense that he’d meet photographer Adrian C. Martin and videographer Daniel Diaz on a tennis court one morning for a photo shoot showing off PUMP! underwear. In Aaron, Adrian has a model who can fully connect to the athletic underwear, a model who wears athletic underwear as an extension of his hard work, perseverance, and determination.

Founded in 2009, the Canadian-based PUMP! underwear combines sport and fun, current trends. In its time in the market, PUMP! has distinguished itself with its playful splatter paint and graffiti designs and use of mesh fabric, a fabric that is most ideal for keeping cool during high octane work out regiments. Look no farther than PUMP!’s many youthful ads to see the underwear on models boxing, lifting weights, and wrestling.

In Adrian’s “He’s Got Game” shoot, Aaron holds true to the spirit of PUMP! as he hits around a few tennis balls and shows off the body that he’s sculpted in the gym.  The shoot features five pump styles, most notably selections from PUMP!’s Touchdown collection. The PUMP! Touchdown collection is the perfect blend of sportiness and sexiness. Each pair of underwear features the color of your favorite football team,from the Tigers to the Falcons.

Check out Aaron in the gallery below and let us know if you’ll be wearing PUMP! on your next visit to the Tennis Court.

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Photo/Video Credit: Adrian C. Martin/Daniel Diaz

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