Fresh Mesh, The Andrew Christian Mesh Collection

Andrew Christian Mesh Collection

Some things never go out of style and some things do. But if we’re lucky, things that went out of style come back, only the second time around they come back fresh. We flock to the look like we’d never seen it before. Now we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief, because the Andrew Christian Mesh Collection has done just that. The look we thought had breathed it’s final breath on Venice Beach in 1989 is back and better than ever.

The Andrew Christian Mesh Collection includes 4 items, each with their own name and defined look: the Werk Sleeveless Hoodie ($47.93), the Xtravaganza Low Armhole Tank ($37.93), the Opulence Cropped (42.93), and the Ovahness Shorts ($42.93).

The items in the Andrew Christian Mesh Collection have a few things in common, like that hey are all 100% polyester. This fabric allows for the best mesh patterning and holes that are evenly spaced and equally sized. All 4 looks are also colored similarly. The mix of neon linings, drawstrings and overlay over black allows you to glow bright under black lights, get seen running on night time streets, or just catch eyes at the gym. With occasional pink accents in small spots, all 4 looks in the Andrew Christian Mesh Collection will truly pop. And all 4 looks also have the brand logo on them. This is a classy way to let everyone know you’re wearing Andrew Christian.

Even though they are designed as a collection, each look has it’s own unique personality. The Werk Sleeveless Hoodie fits a bit looser, with well-placed double lined pockets and a wide hood that provides a little extra cover over the head. The Opulence Cropped Tee is well-lined, stitched, and piped so that it can withstand any amount of activity. The Xtravaganza Low Armhole Tank sports oversized arm holes so that it hangs nicely around your frame but gives you enough room for lots of lateral movement (important when you’re working out). And the Ovahness Shorts are fully lined with a silver-tipped drawstring at the waist.

Mesh looks hot but feels cool, and the Andrew Christian Mesh Collection allows you to do just that: look hot but feel cool. All 4 looks are available in variations on black, green, and pink highlights. Each is available in sizes from S-XL.

Plan on meshing it up this summer? What do you think the perfect activity is for mesh? Let us know with a comment below or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

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