Facts You Didn’t Know About Lupo Fabrics

Lupo Fabrics

Judging a pair of underwear based entirely on its outer appearance would be worse than judging a book by its cover, because we don’t use books to secure our more intimate parts. No, when it comes to judging the quality of underwear, the proof is in the fabric. Brands such as Lupo put a lot of thought and technology into their fabric, and the results pay off wonderfully. This is our list of facts you may not have known about Lupo fabric. It could also serve as a list of reasons why Lupo stands separate from other underwear brands.

1. ActSystem


Lupo fabrics with ActSystem are breathable and light while providing an ideal thermal comfort. Both features contribute to enhance your performance, whether it’s a sports game or a session at the gym.



SUPPLEX is a fabric that was developed by Invista. It is lightweight and durable enough to retain its shape. SUPPLEX is also quick-drying and capable of maintaing cool temperatures, making Lupo’s products that are made with SUPPLEX great for being active.

3. Lycra(r) Xtralife


Lupo’s products that are meant as activewear also use Lycra(r) Xtralife. Lycra(r) Xtralife is derived from Lycra that was put through strenuous performance tests. The result was a material that is easy to move in, and one that can support your muscles during exercise.

4. Medium Compression VS High Compression


Lupo fabric that is treated to have medium compression uses a mix of air-textured microfiber 6.6 polyamide flat yarn, both of which are developed by Rhodia. The medium compression is good for keeping you balanced and supports healthy blood flow. The high compression treated fabrics also improve muscle balance and circulation.

5. Modal VS Micromodal



Modal and MicroModal are both made from beech trees and provide an unreal softness that is entirely natural. The fibers in MicroModal, though, are even finer than the original, and provide an even softer feel to underwear looks that use the fabric.

6. emana


emana is another material developed by Rhodia by infusing bioactive crystals with nylon polyamide microfiber. The crystals help to stimulate microcirculation. What this means is that athletes have increased endurance and recovery times. It was also found that wearing emana looks continuously for 28 days reduced cellulite.

7. Seamless


Lupo fabrics that feature seamless dry technology have reduced friction points and moisture-wicking qualities that will keep you comfortable during exercise routines. This feature is especially important when running, or doing any form of cardio where there is a lot of movement and perspiration involved. This is a dry technology such as Dri Fit, and is applicable to Lupo’s microfiber fabrics.

8. Sanitized®


The Sanitized® treatment for Lupo fabrics is implemented during the manufacturing process. The treatment essentially works as an incorporated deodorant by preventing odors. Materials that are sanitized are also antibacterial.

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