Everything They’re Unafriad To Say About The Cocksox CXA09N Tank Top


The Cocksox CXA09N Tank Top ($40) has a lot to get off its chest (and put on yours). This tight fitting, sleek and incredibly stylish tank top is sporty, snug, and definitely sexy.  Its designer style is made of a stellar blend of Supplex. This material offers the soft kiss of cotton while providing advanced fiber tech that makes it breathable, shape-holding, long-lasting, moisture wicking, color blaring, and always unbelievably soft.

When it comes to how to wear the Cocksox CXA09N Tank Top, they leave it up to you. Wear it as outerwear when you are exercising or at the beach, or wear it as underwear underneath just about anything you’d like. Can’t go wrong. The frame is well designed to hug your torso but provide a nice and wide space around the shoulder blades and underarms to allow excellent freedom of movement and supreme ventilation.

Oh yeah, and the label is heat pressed so you’ll spend absolutely zero time scratching at an annoying tag. This is the ideal tank for a workout or laze-out. Let’s be honest, that aint no shirt. It’s the Cocksox CXA09N Tank Top!

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For more information on this brand: Cocksox

Photo Credit: Cocksox