Don’t Try To Hide It, Diamonds On The Bjorn Borg Crystal Clear Collection

Bjorn Borg Crystal Clear

Clearly Paul Simon was singing about The Bjorn Borg Crystal Clear Boxer Briefs ($27.95) and Trunks ($27.95) when he wrote that Grammy-winning ditty. We don’t care that it came out about 20 years before these underwear looks were made, and that Bjorn Borg was still playing tennis. There are diamonds on the backs of these undies! Let us have our dreams!

With each look, Bjorn Borg knocks it out of the park. It’s no different with the Bjorn Borg Crystal Clear Collection of trunks and boxer briefs. As usual, all the Bjorn Borg standards are there: 95% cotton and 5% elastane, contouring up the side of the legs and along the lines where you hips meet your waist, a center-seamed pouch, a seamless backside, a thick and soft elastic waistband with the Bjorn Borg logo in big letters across it. But it’s the design that make the Bjorn Borg Crystal Clear Collection so fantastic. Little diamonds, because we’re worth it. These are diamond-class underwear, but not in the rough. When you buy Bjorn Borg you get quality across the board. What’s next, gold bullion? We hope so.

Looks in the Bjorn Borg Crystal Clear Collection are available in light blue for the boxer briefs, and in black for the trunk.

The Bjorn Borg Crystal Clear Collection is available in S-XL.

If you could put any type of valuable object on your underwear would it be diamonds? If not what would it be?  Let us know with a comment below or by tweeting @underwearexpert

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Photo Credit: Bjorn Borg

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