Dive Into 2(X)IST Swimwear For 2014

Think of all the sex appeal that underwear brand 2(X)IST is known for. Now add water, and get wet. The new collection of 2(X)IST swimwear for 2014 comes in a variety of looks and styles: 12 looks for the classic swim short, 11 for the mid-length shorts, 2 different board shorts, 7 looks in the swim brief cut, and 8 for the swim trunks. It is a massive collection, no doubt. But who wants to look the same at every pool party, beach trip, or day at the lake? Nobody. And if you still need convincing to refresh your wardrobe’s wettest looks, 2(X)IST swimwear also currently comes with a free upgrade to 2-day shipping.

Out of all 2(X)ISTS’s swimwear styles, the swim brief ($55-$98) is the most revealing. The Gold Rio Swim Brief ($90) is one of the best in this super sexy, all-eyes-on-me style. Sticking to a solid fabric accented by a gold tag, the look keeps things classy and makes use of what little material there is. The Check Rio Swim Brief ($55) has a simple pattern, also sticking to minimalism with grand results.

But if bold, vibrant patterns are how you do summer, 2(X)IST swimwear makes use of some pleasantly striking colors. The Awning Stripe Cabo Square-Cut Swim Trunk ($58) uses colors from the sunset with the sporadic stripe of ocean blue for a colorful and jazzy look. The Awning Stripe Hampton Swim Short ($75) uses the same pattern, and also has a blue variation of the pattern for a more laid-back look.

Just about each swim brief and swim trunk is made from a combination of nylon and spandex. The majority of the swim shorts and the mid-length shorts are made from 100% polyester or 100% poly microtwill. One exception is every plaid look from the new 2(X)IST swimwear collection, which is made from 83% polyester and 13% spandex. The Paisley Board Short ($110) is made from 100% polyester, and the Core Maui Board Short ($70) from 100% poly microtwill.

Check out the gallery below to see each of the swimwear styles from 2(X)IST in some of their color options. What style of 2(X)IST swimwear would you get the wettest in? Do any of the patterns stand out above the rest? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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