No Clash In The PUMP! Titan Collection


Hercules will have nothing on you when you put on your pair of choice from the PUMP! Titan Collection. This strongly styled and finely chiseled collection includes boxer briefs ($32), briefs ($28), and a jockstrap ($22).  All three are designed with one thing in mind: to elevate you until you truly feel godly.

Just as demigods are a blend of man and god, the three looks in the PUMP! Titan Collection are a blend of  64% nylon, 19% cotton, and 17% spandex. You’ll feel as if you’ve got a second skin when you wear them, similar to comic book superheroes, the god’s of our time (clearly).

The greek gladiators may have worn loincloths with no pouch, but the pouch in each look is made from a micromesh, creating a cup that is aerated to keep you cool without letting you swing in the breeze. It is center seamed with white stitching on the joggers, light blue on the briefs, and dark blue on the jockstrap. The seam creates a bit of room but also accentuates the stylistic flair of the underwear. The brief and joggers are paneled to keep them tight to your lines as well.

The waistband on the PUMP! Titan Collection is 45 mm wide. It is soft enough to keep abrasions away and wide enough to display the proud PUMP! logo — and no one will have any question where you get your powers from. The backside (except for the jock – which has none) is seamless yet designed to be extra supportive.

The PUMP! Titan Collection is for anyone ready to take on the gods and defend the honor of mankind, or hit the gym, the city and the nightclub. All three looks come in a blue/navy pattern and are available in sizes S-XL.

Which is your favorite ‘Clash of The Titans’ film? The new one or the old one? Do you feel like a titan in your look from the PUMP! Titan Collection? Let us know with a comment below or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

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