Calvin Klein Dual Tone Lets The Color In

Calvin Klein Dual Tone

The Calvin Klein Dual Tone Collection is classic and reliable Calvin Klein. Available in briefs and square cut boxer briefs ($24), the looks are all clean cut and made from a terrifically comfortable fabric blend (60% pima cotton, 35% polyester, 5%elastane). But the dual tone looks stand out because of their use of color. The colors of course have cool names too. This is one of the more fun things to come out of Calvin Klein, and lucky for us, there are 11 looks in all.

The brightest and boldest looks are the Dylan Red and Wattage Blue Due Tone Square Cuts and the Duel Tone Fashion Hip Brief – Solange. Their waistbands are also perfectly colored, holding to the promise of the dual tone and looking as energetic as ever. The other looks in the Calvin Klein Dual Tone Collection have more contrast between the underwear color and their waistbands. The Dark Midnight Dual Tone Square Cut is a deep blue with a striking black waistband. The Deep Platinum look makes the same use of color, but with a grey base. But no matter the look, the colors are the real ace in this collection. And each look plays its hand well.

The Calvin Klein Dual Tone Square Cut comes in Deep Platinum, Dark Midnight, Black/Shadow Grey, Edison Blue/Blue Monument, Wattage Blue/Photon Blue, and Dylan Red/Atomic Red. The Calvin Klein Dual Tone Brief comes in Isis Blue, Solange, Deep Platinum, Dark Midnight, and Black/Shadow Grey. Each look is available in sizes S-XL.

Check out the gallery below to see more of the Calvin Klein Dual Tone looks. Do you prefer the brief, or the square cut boxer brief? Which of the colors do you think looks the best? Share your thoughts in the comments below, or you can tweet us @underwearexpert.

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