Behind the Scenes: Joe Biden In The US Locker Room

Joe Biden in the US locker room

Let it not be said that our Vice President isn’t just the best. There are truly few permanent politicians who can walk into a locker room and actually connect with a bunch of sweaty, exhausted, half-clothed sports players and have it be one hundred percent genuine. And that is what you get with Joe Biden in the US Locker Room.

Highlights from the video include a great surprise from Demarcus Beasley who kept a coin Joe had given him four years earlier. Apparently now Biden owes the defender a drink, which the Vice President was sure to remind him of as he walked out.

Even better was when keeper Tim Howard comes up for a chat. You’d think these two grew up around the corner from each other, the way the US Keeper asked the Vice President “How are things going?”  And Joe replies “Good, good. Better now!”  We can’t help but imagine  old timey neighborhood conversations over iced tea, lemonade, and stickball: “Hey there Mr. Biden, lawn’s looking nice,” “Oh thanks Timmy you tell your family I said hi now would ya?”

All in all, the US Men’s has performed brilliantly as Joe Biden in The US Locker room was sure to remind everyone. We may be out of the World Cup in Brazil, but there’s always 2018. And 2022. And after that. And that. So, what’s gonna bring our USMNT boys continued success? Hard work: Yes. Teamwork: Yes. Strong supportive underwear? As our favorite VP Joe Biden would say: YOU BET YOUR TUSH!

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Photo Credit: The Washington Post