Be A Hometown Hero In The Freedom Reigns Pump Sport

Freedom Reigns Pump Sport

We’re not one to get too overly patriotic, but there’s something about the Freedom Reigns Pump Sport Series that gets us all in a flag-waving, marching band loving, cheer-on-the-home team kinda way. Maybe it’s the sporty look, the apt name, or just the fact that we love this underwear. The Freedom Reigns Sport includes Briefs/Trunks ($35) and long johns ($60).

The fabric for the brief/trunks is 85% poly and 15% spandex. This is an amazing ratio that allows for maximum grip, perfectly designed for the high school wrestler or weekend warrior. The long johns are 95% model and 5% spandex, which means they are designed for any kind of weather. Frigid winter sports, blistering summer runs, it doesn’t matter. These long johns will be your new go-to.

The briefs have a great design with a mesh black pouch that has a center seam for comfort and stitched lining that hugs the inside curves of your thighs. The legs are lined as well with a color blocked edging that makes sure sliding down is not an option. The waistband on the Pump Sport Brief/Trunks is nice and wide, soft to the touch, and sports the logo on the side of the hip only. This look sits like a high square cut and the bottom is designed with supportive stitching that falls underneath your cheeks for the kind of support you’d normally find exclusive to jock straps.

The long johns in the Freedom Reigns Pump Sport are designed to be practically pouch-less. The support is there, it is just designed to fall flatter so you have the freedom to wear them under pants or on their own. The legs of the pants will hug you all the way down to the ankle, and prevent any bunching or unwanted snags. The waistband is as wide as the other looks in the collection, but its design is color blocked with yellow and black. And the FR logo on the hip will make sure everyone knows what you stand for.

The Freedom Reigns Pump Sport Briefs come in gray/black and cyan/black and the long johns come in cyan/black and black/yellow. All looks are available in S-XL.

If you could go back to high school right now in either of these looks, what would be the first thing you’d do? Let us know with a comment below or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

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