9 Underwear Models As Superheroes

Summertime means a lot of things in addition to the increased heat, like superheroes at the movies. Superheroes are buff, morally just, and oh so sexy. But they could be sexier! This is our line-up of underwear models as superheroes. We would cast them in a heartbeat, or live dangerously in the hopes of them saving us.

1. Trevor Burchett as Superman/Clark Kent

Trevor Burchett is our man of steel. He has that sharp jaw, and can definitely pull of a pair of glasses in a Clark Kent way. He may not be as buff as Henry Cavill, but this gorgeous model has got a muscled body we wouldn’t mind rescuing us.

2. David Gandy as Batman/Bruce Wayne

David Gandy has the swagger and build to pull off being billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne as well as his darker alter-ego, Batman. David’s jawline is also sharp and manly, and would look so good in the cowl.

3. Chris Fawcett as Spider-Man/Peter Parker

Chris Fawcett just looks like the sweetheart who grew up around the block. His lean, toned build would make him a great choice to play the web slinger. Although we hope he would spend more time as Peter Parker, so we could see that adorable face.

4. Colin Brazeau as Captain America/Steve Rogers

Talk about a golden boy! Colin Brazeau is our Captain America, and we can just see him having a heart made from the same gold as his hair. His body is also made like a superheroes, and incredibly hot.

5. Adam Cowie as Iron Man/Tony Stark

Clean-cut but with a subtle edge, Adam Cowie would be our pick for Tony Stark, a.k.a., Iron Man. He has the facial hair and an attitude about him that could play a hero nicely. Oh, and his abs alone could save the world.

6. Parker Hurley as Thor

Parker Hurley as Thor is a no brainer. With those lengthy blonde locks and muscles upon muscles upon muscles, this electric guy could easily be the Norse god of thunder. Although it is a shame that Thor’s armor would hide Parker’s stunning body.

7. Danilo Custowitchi as The Hulk/Bruce Banner

What more do you need to be The Hulk than an awe-inspiring set of muscles? Our Hulk would be Danilo Custowitchi, who even if he was green and wore too much purple, would still be the hottest giant around.

8. Juan Betancourt as Wolverine

Juan Betancourt would be our Wolverine. He may not be rugged or brash like the character, but he has the body and the hair to pull off the most well-known of the X-Men. Besides, we are sure Juan has an animal inside of him somewhere.

Oh, and we almost forgot:

9. Francisco Lachowski as Robin

Who better to be our boy wonder than the always adorable Francisco Lachowski? This youthful hottie would be a show-stealing sidekick, with that heart-warming smile and fever-inducing body.

What do you think of our sexy roster of superheroes? Which of them would you want to save you from disaster? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Blogspot, The Underwear Expert, IMDb, TheAmazingModels.com, Pinterest, EOnline