7 Reasons Mack Weldon Owns The Term ‘Dapper’

Mack Weldon

Maybe you can’t copyright a word in the English language, but we’re all in agreement — there is no doubt that Mack Weldon owns the term ‘dapper.’

In the dictionary. the term dapper is an adjective that means someone, typically a male, who is neat and trim in dress, appearance, or being. Urban Dictionary gives the second opinion we craved by stating that dapper is a compliment made to someone who looks incredibly smart, sexy, and stylish.  Maybe it’s just us, but come on, they’re clearly talking about Mack Weldon. The underwear company puts out smart, sexy, and stylish looks that allow any man wearing them to look neat and tim in their dress, appearance, and being. Maybe we should submit a second definition to the dictionaries: see Mack Weldon.

As part of our campaign to change the dictionary forever, we’ve put together a list of 7 reasons that show just how Mack Weldon owns the term ‘dapper.’ Who knows, we might even get the term ‘Dapper Dan’ changed to ‘Dapper Mack.’



‘Dapper’ means wearing a classic undershirt. And wearing it well!



‘Dapper’ means being classy, on top and underneath. Even when you’re stripping.



‘Dapper’ means wearing glasses because you’re smart. And sexy. Sexy and smart = dapper.



A dapper man has clothing made out of precious metals and it’s no big deal, really.



‘Dapper’ means always having a fresh, coordinated pair of underwear at the ready.



‘Dapper’ means that dressing up is also done when dressing down.



‘Dapper’ means having a sleek, stylish, and suitable crest. Because a crest is like a crown, and only the most dapper of men could pull of such a thing.

Think you’re as dapper as Mack Weldon? Tell us what else makes a man dapper, and what you think makes you dapper!  Share your thoughts with a comment below, or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

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