7 Reasons The Just /b/ Brief Is The Best Complement To Your Low-Rise Jeans

Baskit’s underwear looks are always awesome, bold, and full of color. And another benefit from the brand is that their waistbands are arguably the best part — like the previews before the movie. This is our list of 7 reasons why the Just /b/ Brief is the best complement to your low-rise jeans. Will you flaunt the Just /b/ Brief this summer, maybe at your local theater before the lights go out?

1. The waistband is all about color blocking

Color blocking is just a fancy way of saying that contrasting colors are used to make a visual impact that is stylish and strong. The Baskit Just /b/ Brief is available in three color options, and no matter what, the waistband features the minimalist /b/ logo in some classic color pairings.

2. The waistband is simplistic, and sexy


The waistband lets that tiny logo do all the talking. The Just /b/ Brief features a minimized and simplified Baskit logo for a louder statement. And because of those cool colors we mentioned, that statements gets right to the point.

3. The /b/ logo is attention-getting

Showing off the waistband of your undies might be a little brash for some people. But with this waistband, you aren’t showing off anything outrageous. Letting these bad boys peek from under your low-rise jeans is the politest way to ask for attention, without ever opening your mouth.

4. The waistband is a tad sporty, too

The Just /b/ waistband is also a little sporty. The logo is more of an emblem, and the slashes on either side of the lower-case B slightly resemble the athletic stripes seen on more sport, jock-inspired looks. Its the small details that add up on the waistband for such a great look.

5. The look keeps it casual

The look is not only simplistic, but super casual with color combinations that are bright and clean. The looks are definitely for everyday, especially during the summer as vacation time approaches. A time when letting your underwear show is totally acceptable.

6. The waistband is pretty unique

The waistband is pretty different compared to these seen on other Baskit collections, and other underwear brands for that matter. If you are getting checked out, and the person eyeing you is also bold, the Just /b/ Brief might serve as a conversation starter. “I hope this isn’t weird, but where did you get your underwear?”

7. Baskit undies always look good under jeans

Baskit’s great and classic waistbands always look good under a pair of jeans, especially when those jeans have a low-rise waist, and let your underwear distract others as you walk around. The Just /b/ Brief is the best at it though. Just be flirty with the Baskit Just /b/ Brief, and let that waistband turn heads.

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What do you think of the Baskit Just /b/ Brief and it’s fashionable waistband? Do you think it works well as a hot accessory, and should be left visible for all to see? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: The Underwear Expert, Baskit

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