7 Reasons To Love The Baskit Luxe JockBrief

Part of the Luxe Collection, the Baskit Luxe JockBrief is a look that we simply adore. Combining a brief with a jockstrap, the look is sporty, sexy, and packs in some sex appeal with the comfort and functionality you expect from a solid pair of underwear. The Luxe JockBrief is a home-run, without a doubt. This is a list of 7 reasons we love the Baskit Luxe JockBrief, a list of how this hot look hits all the high marks, and then some. Baskit was also the first to combine a brief and jock. What’s better than the original?

1. The Brief-Meets-Jock Style

By combining a brief with a jock, Baskit combines there pouch design with the performance ability of a jockstrap. This means the front of the underwear remains decent while supporting your bulge, and the back sticks to being revealing.

2. The Clean-Cut Front

The front of the Baskit Luxe JockBrief features a pouch that keeps your junk secure and comfortable while you move. Each look also features some great color combinations that can be seen on the  as well as the back. But we’ll get to that in a bit.

3. The Super Sexy Back

The back of the Baskit Luxe JockBrief resembles a jockstrap, if you couldn’t tell. The revamped straps are thicker than a normal jock, but still let the skin of your backside be the star of the show.  The result is undeniably hot.

4. Some Great Color Blocking  

There are currently three color options for this look, each making use of complimentary, contrasting colors. The core colors are white, black, and grey, which you can never go wrong with. The accent colors are orange, green, and yellow, respectively.

5. The Bod-Hugging Fit

Made from a fabric blend (95% modal cotton, 5% spandex) that is soft to the touch with just a bit of stretch, the Baskit Luxe JockBrief that is said to “fit your form like a glove.” But given the fact that these cute undies are without a covering across the back, they’ll likely fit you better than any glove you’ve owned.

6. The Touchably Soft Fabric

Not only does the fabric blend provide a comfortable fabric that will hug your hips like it loves you back, but the material is soft and utterly touchable. Which means the wearer and his significant other can both enjoy the Baskit Luxe jockBrief.

7. The Trendy Waistband

There is hardly anything worse that a great underwear look that is ruined by a distracting or ugly waistband. But with this look, the waistband is easy on the eyes. It is wear the color blocking really lands a visual punch. But the most stylish thing about this look is how the color stripe sticks to one side, giving the look a modern touch.

The Baskit Luxe JockBrief is available in sizes S-XL.

Do you agree with us when we explain how and why the Baskit Luxe JockBrief is such an awesome underwear look? Which color do you think is the coolest, or the hottest? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: Baskit

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