13 Photos That Prove Malebasics Is The Sexiest Brand Out There


Underwear brand Malebasics is great at making guys look desirable and sexy, whether the look is kinky and revealing, or tame but with a sensual style. From their underwear to their eroticwear (yes, eroticwear) we are proving why Malebasics is the sexiest brand around.


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Malebasics has an entire umbrella dedicated to eroticwear. What else is there to really say? Where other brands have their sexiest looks hidden among conventional underwear styles, Malebasics touts their underwear’s ability to be seductive and tantalizing.


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Lace is always sexy, and Malebasics is anything but afraid about pushing the envelope with their lace looks for the seductive and secure man. The lace products from Malebasics are made with pretty patterns and masculine cuts. And when masculine meets lace, the result is so alluring and racy.


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Speaking of lace, the Malebasics Lace Mini Boy-Short is one stellar look this hits all the right notes. They are sexy and sensual with a slightly masculine cut, still high enough to let your booty peak out under the lace, and peak out a little from behind it.


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This is what you can expect to see on Malebasics’ Intagram feed. Their models working out in the gym, wearing Malebasics and looks so fine. Or another fine guy, wearing Malebasics, with a backback over his shirtless and built torso. Thank you — more please.



These two hotties wearing the Malebasics Hound Brief made for one hell of a hot photo shoot. The destructed background and their muscular bodies really get an attitude across. It’s sexy and to-the-point, like a lot of Malebasics’ looks.


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In fact, all of Malebasics’ model photo shoots make us weak in the knees. Especially when their models are wearing looks that leave little to the imagination. Some Malebasics are straight up transparent. Forget beating around the bush, these are to-the-point.


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You can also see plenty of skin with the Malebasics body suits. They are definitely for nights where you want to dress to impress, and then undress. These are look that really put the “erotic” in Malebasics Eroticwear.



The Malebasics Spot Collection is also super sexy, and not even part of their eroticwear. With mesh looks that come as trunks and briefs with some colorful, sporty flair, they are tame when compared to the lace undies and body suits. But with Malebasics, even their underwear walks on the sensual side.



This model is Adrian Baretto, and his recent photo shoot for Malebasics takes place on a beach. He is the ideal guy to wear Malebasic’s products, and even their conventional looks seem rather steamy on him.


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Malebasics loves to play with the line between masculinity and femininity. Lucky for us, the line is usually thin and the only thing supporting the pouch holding your junk.


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Yeah, Malebasics is definitely a brand that breaks new ground. In addition to their feminine-meets-masculine products, they also have some innovative takes on looks that everyone loves. Because being sexy is one thing, and pushing the envelope and being original is another.



This is another look at the Malebasics Spot Collection, this time from a video. Jeramel Condado is a tattooed and toned piece of man candy that flexes and poses in Malebasics’ undies. The video is one of the hottest underwear promos out there. This is Malebasics not being erotic.




Again, not their eroticwear, but still undeniably hot. The jockstrap from the Malebasics Spot Collection looks so good on this guy, and the paint on his face gives him that athletic, jock sexiness that almost everyone can understand. The rest of the photo shoot sticks to the same sporty and sexy feel.

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Photo Credit: Malebasics, The Underwear Expert

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