10 Moments Made For Mack Weldon

Mack Weldon

Mack Weldon is a brand that touts its versatility and labels itself appropriate for everyday wear. And they know what they are doing, too. Offering clean cut looks in underwear, undershirts, and socks, Mack Weldon is a brand that brings sophistication to old-school quality and looks. The signature fabric blend includes cotton, lycra, and modal for looks that are all soft, suitably stretchy, and luxurious to the touch. This is our list of moments made for Mack Weldon underwear. But keep in mind, the list goes on and on…

1. Running to the store for milk


What we mean by that is that Mack Weldon underwear is appropriate for the smallest things. Whether they are errands or excursions, the Mack Weldon Brief is made to fit like the ideal piece of underwear. With a roomier pouch and stronger elastic, these are go-to looks that will stay in shape and place.

2. Feeling sexy at the gym


Speaking of staying in shape, Mack Weldon is probably the classiest way you can do the gym. The Mack Weldon Silver Collection is made from fabrics that are antimicrobial and anti-odor. This is a big deal if you are breaking a sweat. But not a huge deal, because the fabric also keeps you cool and dry.

3. Walking your dog around the park

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Even during a leisurely stroll around the park, a poorly-designed pair of underwear can become uncomfortable. But Mack Weldon trunks are made to fit slim. And because of that, they fit greater under tighter pants like denim or chino shorts. No more having to readjust, or look awkward doing so.

4. During the workday where you hit overtime


Mack Weldon is one of the best when it comes to basics. By basic we mean simplistic, not mediocre. Because Mack Weldon’s slick-looking styles are not only great for casual wear, but also for professional wear as well. And if your professional clothes aren’t all that comfortable, at least your underwear can be.

5. While driving cross-country for a road trip 

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Road trips are a big part of summer, and whenever you are getting ready to hit the road you want to be as comfortable as possible. A pair of Mack Weldon underwear on your body would keep you comfortable and keep you happy. And stop you from squirming in your seat from cheap underwear.

6. A party at your friend’s beach condo

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As far as Mack Weldon’s socks are concerned, they are also top of the line. During the summer, when boat shoes are more popular, no-show socks are a priceless addition to your underwear drawer. They don’t even need to be paired with boat shoes. Just any shoe that rises low and exposes socks when they should be hidden.

7. Waiting during jury duty

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Like road trips, jury duty usually has you sitting for long periods of time, growing more uncomfortable with each passing moment. But Mack Weldon underwear is so comfortable, you won’t feel the tug of bad briefs. Where discomfort is a problem, Mack Weldon can help.

8. An important job interview

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Mack Weldon’s socks also come in fun color combinations. So if you are prepping an outfit before an important job interview, remember that most employers want a sense of your personality. And colorful socks are a fun way to show them your I-can-be-casual-too side.

9. Walking around the house


Mack Weldon is so great and comfortable, the brand even says their looks can be worn with anything or nothing. So why not where them with nothing else? Especially if you are home alone. Or with someone special. Wear your Mack Weldon briefs, and nothing more, and be as comfortable as you’ve ever been.

10. On a first date


Wearing the Mack Weldon commando undies is a great idea for a first date. You will feel like you have a secret, which will keep you on your toes. And you won’t feel like you have underwear on, because you won’t. Otherwise, any of Mack Weldon’s other looks and collections would do fine and keep your mind off your underwear.

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Photo Credit: Mack Weldon, The Underwear Expert

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