Wear Compression Shirts To Hide Puffy Nipples

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Although this question comes from a young man, the topic of wearing undershirts and compression shirts to mask slight gynecomastia spans nearly every age group:

Hey Tug,

I’m 16 years old and I’ve been wearing just Hanes regular cotton undershirts for a while now.

But I don’t feel like they are efficient enough for me. I’m too embarrassed to ask my mom to go out and buy a compression shirt for me. So I was wondering if you could give a little advice about what I should do.

I would love to just buy one of your shirts from the internet, but I really only have cash. I’m also a heavier sweater.

(Just wish they had something called like “Perma-Cold” where it could keep your nips looking flat.)  lol

Thanks, – John

Wearing Compression Undershirts To Flatten Your Chest

My response:

heya john,

good to hear from you buddy! thanks for sending in your question!

from the sounds of it, i’m guessing you’re experiencing a bit of puff-nip and i totally get how embarrassing that can be. i think the good news is that since you’re 16, there’s a great chance that you’ll grow out of it. i’m a whole lot older than you, and i still have it a bit, and as such, i definitely feel better wearing an undershirt under more form fitting shirts.

to your question, here’s a couple recommendations:
1. convert cash to a pre-paid credit card. you can do this in so many locations, such as 7-11, supermarkets, etc. i’d be surprised if you’d have a hard time doing that. there are coinstar machines in a bunch of locations that offer that cash to credit card conversion too. then use that pre-paid credit card online to purchase from anyone.
2. see if you can catch a ride to target with a friend (or family member) and pick-up a pack of hanes compression slim fit crew neck undershirts. they are under $20 for a 2-pack, so it’s a great value. these undershirts offer some great compression, and for the price you just can’t beat the value.

you know, i’ve definitely kept an eye out for a product like your perma-cold idea over the years. just haven’t found anything yet. there are some supplements some body builders take to help get rid of their puffy nipples, but i’m not one to experiment with pills like that — not my thing.

let me know what you decide to do and keep me posted. ok? would be great to hear back from you.

John Asks about Sizing…

Thanks for replying! Didn’t expect you to reply so fast!

Yea, I was actually just going to ask my Mom if she could get me my own debit card. I’m going to Italy next year as sort of a early graduation gift so hopefully she hooks me up with one. I’m turning 17 in 6 days, so maybe if I’m lucky, she will.

Now those Hanes compression shirts…what size should I be getting? Sometimes it depends on the shirt but I’m normally an XL.

I’m guessing that I would get a large or maybe even medium? I’m about 6’1″ 200lbs. I feel like I’m still growing so hopefully i can thin out just a little so I don’t have to have this problem, it really lessens my confidence.

And you said i can grow out of it?

More Advice for John…

heya john —

no worries buddy, that’s what i’m here for.

my recommendation is to purchase your regular size (xl). they are designed in a way so you can just buy what size you’d normally buy. if you buy smaller, it’ll be too tight or you won’t even be able to put it on.

as far as the puf-nip situation, if that’s what you’re asking about, yes you can grow out of it. from my research, it’s very typical in young men and some grow out of it. others may not — you just have to see in 3-4 years. if you never grow out of it, and it really bugs you later on in life, you can consult a doctor or plastic surgeon to learn what your options are.

in the meantime, you can wear these slimming/flattening undershirts to feel a bit less self-conscious about it. you could also try wearing fitted ribbed tank tops in the warmer months. they offer some smoothing like a slimming undershirt would, but will provide a bit more breathability since they have no arms. if you need more aggressive underarm sweat protection to prevent sweat-through, you should consider trying out the dry body wipes from kleinerts or sweatblock. (you can find more information on both of those products on my website or online.)

good luck my friend and please keep me posted.

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