Walk On The Wild Side With Happy Socks Animal Print


Socks should never be forgotten when trying to spice up your wardrobe, but they frequently are. Happy Socks has always been great at adding some loud tones to your walk. But with their new line of Happy Socks Animal Print ($12), you’ll trample any thread of boring left in your outfit. In fun and colorful patterns, Happy Socks places looks inspired by giraffes, leopards, and cows on your feet. And what’s even cooler is that these socks come in more colors than their animal kingdom counterparts.

If you have an inner animal, the leopard socks are definitely the most engaging. Available in a snazzy purple and blue, they have a youthful, funky charm about them. They almost look like they came off of Lisa Frank’s animals. The giraffe socks are equally fun, with a less attention-grabbing pattern. They also come in typical giraffe colors of orange and black. If you have a small inner animal in you, there are the cow socks. These pairs are pretty adorable, especially in their classic black and white coloring. But no matter what your sock spirit animal is, these playful socks will, at the very least, be a conversation piece.

For a limited time, until June 20th Happy Socks is offering readers a 20% discount on all orders when you use the code “Happy20Summer” at checkout.

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Socks in this collection come in sizes 9-11, and 10-13.

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Photo Credit: Happy Socks

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