[VIDEO] Model Play Ball In Andrew Christian World Un-Cupped

Andrew Christian World Un-Cupped

In the Andrew Christian World Un-Cupped video, models Topher DiMaggio, Diego Sans, Murray Swanby, Cheddy Oakafor, and Pablo Hernandez are taking off their cups for a less constricting game of soccer. All in the name of this year’s World Cup.

A statement on the Andrew Christian website reads: “Since people love the World Cup so much we thought that our fans would love the World Un-Cupped even more. If sporting teams actually took off their cups and put on our new Andrew Christian C-Ring brief (the one with the hole where the pouch should be) sports would be a whole lot more interesting!”

Topher DiMaggio is seen putting on the C-Ring brief, available August 2014, in the intro of the clip, but, ultimately, that is the last we see of it. We are treated to models wearing some sports wear from Andrew Christian, bulges blazing as the C-Ring brief is implied. The shorts worn in the clip are the Andrew Christian Ovahness short and the Andrew Christian Azure Jogger shorts.

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Photo/Video Credit: Jeff White
Sponsored By Andrew Christian