Tommy John Liner Sock 2-Pack Doubles Your Pleasure


The Tommy John Liner Sock 2-Pack is the ultimate liner sock ($16.50). Don’t believe us? Well take Tommy John’s word for it. They call it The Ultimate. And they would not just use that word flippantly. The collection has a range of color choices, and it’s unlike any other sock. It has the performance features that make it the ultimate. The Invisigrip Technology that Tommy John has trademarked gives it the build and body needed to stay put on your foot. There is zoned cushioning in each pair of the Tommy John Liner Sock 2-Pack and their Y-heel is designed to eliminate bunching.

Everyone knows that when you spend a day on your feet you need some serious arch support. These socks don’t disappoint. They have a functional style that adds a light compression to increase blood flow. And best of all they have a zoned ventilation system to keep your foot cool and dry. And we all know how nice that feels.

Yeah, The Tommy John Liner Sock 2-Pack is the ultimate. That is for sure.

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The Tommy John Liner Sock 2-Pack is available in a trustworthy one-size-fits-most (8-13) category.

For more information on this brand: Tommy John

Photo Credit: Tommy John