Teamm8 Mate For June: Dan O’Keefe

Another month, another gorgeous model featured by teamm8. For June, we have 29-year-old Dan O’Keefe. He grew up in Dubbo New South Wales before moving to Sydney to pursue a career in town planning. Dan is also a personal trainer, go figure.

In his interview with teamm8, Dan talks about the importance of having a healthy mind and a healthy body. He’s the type of outgoing guy who makes the most of the life’s opportunities. His goal to achieve this, if he hasn’t already, is simple. Watch. Listen. Learn. “There is so much knowledge out there,” says Dan. “It’s just about how you harness and utilize the knowledge around you to put it to good use.”

Reading more of the interview, it seems like Dan is good at taking his own advice. When asked to name he idols, he dropped names such as Nelson Mandela and Stephan Hawkins, Shane Warne, and Bruce Lee. To him, they represent “the spiritual, political, intellectual and larrikin/comic/sport value.” Yes, Dan O’Keefe really is the entire package. Intelligent and incredibly sexy, it is no wonder he was chosen as the Mate of the Month for June. He has a cute face on top of a great body, and a bright mind to complete the package. 

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Photo Credit: Scott Ehler

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