Tani Lounge Pants: Look Fine, Recline

When it comes to high-quality style and comfort, Tani doesn’t mess around. Producing only the best items, Tani has released three different lounge pants, all perfect for lazy summer days at home, or a cross country road trip. The Everyday Silktouch Lounge Pant ($95) is on the fancier side with a sleek, luxurious fabric blend (94% micro modal and 6% elastane). The Hampton Lounge Pant ($195) has a coastal flair from the drawstrings around the waist and ankles. And then there is the French Terry Lounge Pant ($145) that reinvents what it means to relax with its soft terry cotton fabric and stylish cut.

The Everyday Silktouch and Hampton lounge pants are both loose-fitting where the French Terry lounge pant has a slimmer fit. Each look though is incredibly soft and lightweight, keeping you warm without being bulky. Whether it is a breezy walk along the shore, a chilly rainstorm mid-summer, or a day of driving with friends, the Tani lounge pants will make your more comfortable than you thought possible without sacrificing style and class.

The Tani Lounge Pant Collection is available in sizes S-XL.

Look through the gallery below to see each lounge pant and a close-up of the fabrics. Which lounge pant do you think has the best style and most comfort? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: Tani

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