Stay Tucked In Tommy John Cool Cotton Undershirts

Just about every guy has had this problem. You are dressing formal for an event, maybe you have a blazer or a vest on. But the more you move, the more your shirt and undershirt becomes untucked. New from Tommy John, the cool cotton undershirts are suave, classically cut, and offer a solution to rising shirts. This collection includes undershirts in various cuts. There is a crew neck ($40), a deep v-neck ($40), a high v-neck ($40), and a tank top ($35).

Made from 86% prima cotton and 14% spandex, the cool cotton undershirts are designed to conform against your body. This stretch quality combined with a longer length lets the bottom of the shirt hold your lower body. This stops your shirt from riding up, becoming untucked, and bunching up above your waistline. The streamlined fit also lets your outer shirt fit better. With a silky soft feel, this is an undershirt that deserves the respect of a high fashion accessory.

Tommy John Cool Cotton Undershirts are available in sizes S-XXL.

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Photo Credit: Tommy John