Show Your Stripes In Lupo Cotton Stretch Boxer Briefs


The Lupo Cotton Stretch Boxer Briefs ($23.00) make no apologies. They are crafted to be the best in everyday underwear. These classic low rise trunk look great and feel great — enough said.

Made form 90% cotton, 5% polyester, and 5% elastane, they are built with stretch technology so they will stay on and stay up no matter what. Ribbed trimming at the legs give them added comfort. The backside of the Lupo Cotton Stretch Boxer Briefs is a classic design, as is the fly-less pouch in front. They sit flush to your body and feel great. The nautical striping is always a favorite of ours. Elegant and colorful without going over the top. The waistband is contrasting in a slightly darker tone. And the logo is repeated across it. We love the Lupo Crest, it’s as classy and old-school elegant as everything else about these boxer briefs.

The Lupo cotton stretch boxer briefs are streamlined to cut down on wear and tear and make you feel comfy all day long. The nautical striping is available in blue, green, red, or plain white.

The Lupo Cotton Stretch Boxer Briefs are available in sizes S-XL.

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Photo Credit: Lupo

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