Setting Sail With The Bluemint 2014 Collection

The photo shoot showcasing the Spring/Summer 2014 Collection from Bluemint looks like the perfect summer day for being classy. It is a sun-drenched day and the models are sailing on a boat in sparkling waters. The handsome and half-naked men relax in brightly colored shorts from the new collection. And then getting in the water, they wear trunks from the new collection of swimwear. The guys look completely dreamy. Shirts should never touch their bodies, and their shorts give them all the fashion points they need. This sailboat is a dream boat. It has gorgeous men, and the men have spot-on style.

The sailboat and the blue waters are a great backdrop for the models and the Bluemint 2014 Collection to stand out. The best shots are the ones that really work with the boat. The guys look cute holding onto the boat’s ropes and sunbathing on the deck, and another great shot is from a distance of the group on the bow. We completely forget about the boat once the guys get in the water though. They come back, and their swimwear and muscles are dripping wet.

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Photo Credit: Bluemint