Papi Pride Socks Make An Entrance

Gay pride bracelets, shirts, and bumper stickers have all been seen before. But if you really want to walk proudly, the new Papi Pride Socks ($12) are proud and loud! This fun collection of high-length socks is available in six different colors, all with a rainbow cuff at the top and the “PRIDE” logo printed on the sole in a complimentary color. Stomp around in these socks whenever you want. Because it is always a good time to be proud.

These socks are made from a fabric blend — 37% cotton, 40% modal, 20% nylon, 2% spandex, and 1% other fiber — that is soft to the touch and stretchy enough to provide a breathable, supported fit. It combines cotton with the softness of rayon for a pair of socks you’ll not only love to wear, but that you’ll feel good in. They have a laid-back, playful look that can added to any outfit for a little pizzazz. Rock these socks this summer. Make an entrance and walk in like you own the place.

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The Papi Pride Socks Collection is available in shoe sizes 7-12.

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Photo Credit: Papi

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