New Jockstrap From PPU

This new jockstrap from PPU is cut so sexily — as if we’d expect anything else from this brand. The two color options for this jock ($23) have contrasting waistbands and accenting stripes that play up the devil or angel on your shoulder. It’s available in black with red detail or blue with white detail. Either way, this jock has a skimpy look, a low rise waistline, and some durable straps around the rear that hold your booty in place. The material is also a textured nylon blend (91% nylon, 9% spandex) that begs to be touched.

The brand name is repeated on the waistband in lettering that matches the elastic’s color — the letters with just enough shine to be readable. The texturing on the nylon almost looks like a spiderweb, which makes the red pair in particular reminiscent of Spider Man (Andrew Garfield, not Tobey Maguire). The contrasting, angled stripes form the pouch of this jock nicely, and make for some fashionable sex appeal. The contrasting color also carries over to the seams. They can even be glimpsed around the backside of this jock.

The new jockstrap from PPU is available in sizes S-XL.

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For more information on this brand: PPU

Photo Credit: PPU