Nasty Pig Smash Board Shorts Land A Heavy Hit

The new Nasty Pig Smash Board Shorts are fearless and sure to change the way you strut down the boardwalk or jetty this summer. Made from a water-friendly fabric blend (95% polyester and 5% elastane), these are made to grab the attention of your fellow beach-goers. With Nasty Pig’s “smashed” pattern of its repeating brand name, and colored panels breaking up the patter for a visual pop, these gutsy board shorts are for those who want and can handle the attention.  And while the shorts look reckless, they were designed comfort and performance in mind.

The blended fabric material dries quickly and the pairs come with three pockets to hold whatever it is you may want on you. A bottle of sunscreen. Sunglasses. Your cellphone. Two pockets are on the side, and a Velcro-sealed one is placed on the left left. There is also a heat-sealed rubber detail spelling out the brand name on the left leg. And no matter the color of the Smash Board Shorts, the lettering matches.

The Nasty Pig Smash Board Shorts are available in waist sizes from 29-36 inches.

For more information on this brand: Nasty Pig

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Photo Credit: Nasty Pig

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