The N2N Stealth Collection, Full Body Impact

The N2N Stealth Collection of activewear is a total knock-out. The collection features two looks, a singlet ($48) and a runner ($52). Each has a deliciously athletic attitude — they’re form-fitting to show off your every muscle and curve, and have sporty color stripes and accents that make each piece a home-run. But looking at the sexy singlet, we aren’t thinking about baseball. We’re thinking of wrestling, body holds, and being pinned to the mat.

The fabric blend (80% nylon and 20% spandex) is perfect for working out. Their material is moisture wicking in addition to being body-defining, keeping you cool and attractive while you feel the burn from your exercises. The Stealth Singlet has some provocative cut-outs on the sides. They go as low as your waist, which means you can flaunt your toned sides and that sexy side-V if you have it. Both pieces are available in black, grey and royal blue. The colors are used for the accent panels on the singlet and the runner. Each look pops no matter the color thanks to black stripes that outline the color. On the Stealth Runner, the color panel run down the front of each leg and wrap around the top part of the butt. The colors also wrap around the back on the singlet. They also run up the straps and down the back.

The N2N Stealth Collection are available in sizes S-XL.

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Photo Credit: N2N

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