The Lupo Terry Running Socks For Every Athlete

A better-than-decent pair of running socks is an essential for everyone’s gym bag, and the right pair can even make a difference in your cardio performance. The Terry Running Socks ($10) from Lupo are a great running sock with several features that complement your fitness routine. The socks have a built-in arch support that holds your arch just right for the ideal comfort and support. They also have the ability to protect your feet from odor-causing bacteria that can lead to worse problems than an unpleasant smell such as bacterial infections.

Of course, the Terry Running Sock was made with more comfort in mind. Lupo used anatomical engineering technology when designing the socks, taking the shape of the foot and finding the areas where shock absorption and support are most needed. The socks also have a low-rise length that only peaks over most shoes, and with three color options you won’t feel unfashionable having this nifty footwear exposed.

The Lupo Terry Running Sock are available in sizes M-L.

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