The Lupo No Show Sport Socks Collection

spckbannerWhether you are going to the gym or just for a stroll down the boardwalk with a cute summer fling, you have probably worn a pair of shoes that always shows your socks underneath. Sometimes it isn’t so bad, but sometime it throws off an entire outfit. And if you have tried going barefoot in shoes, you know that isn’t really a solution. The new Lupo No Show Sport Socks ($10) from the Brazilian underwear brand alleviate that problem. Available in four colors, these socks will keep you and your feet cool during the summer.

Made from lightweight materials, these socks have anti-slip technologies in the heel that will keep the socks in place during heavy physical activity. They also have mid-foot compression for added comfort and stability. And like any decent pair of socks, the no show sport socks from Lupo are thermo-regulated. So if you are looking for that finishing touch on your favorite beach bum look, these stylish socks won’t peek up from behind your shoes and kill the look. By the end of summer, these socks could be your best kept secret.

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The Lupo No Show Sports Socks are available in sizes M-XL.

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