Good God! Airam Castedo Is Damn Sexy

Airam Castedo

Airam Castedo has tattoos. Airam Castedo has muscles. Airam Castedo is virile. Photographed by Adrian C. Martin, this newcomer is about as sexy as they come. Wearing a cheeky underwear look from Modus Vivendi, Airam lets us gawk at his exposed, inked skin as he stands and poses. It is so hard to pick a favorite feature of his, because the best one is the one we are starting at in that moment. Lucky for us, we don’t have to choose. Besides, we know his best asset of all his hidden. Hint: X marks the spot.

Airam Castedo is photographed here in Tenerife, the largest of  the 7 Canary Islands. The rugged backdrop only helps bring out Airam’s masculinity, and there is so much of it. Airam is even nude is one of the photographs, covering his junk with his hand. It is one of the best shots, obviously. But the really sexy ones have Airam in a ton of natural light, and capture the ink on his legs in better detail. The fact that he has ink all over his body is one thing. The fact that he knows how sexy he is is another.

Look at the gallery below to see more of Airam Castedo. What do you think of his photo shoot? What do you think of him, and his tattoos? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Adrian C. Martin