GO Green Fitness: Skin The Cat

This Instagram video from our go-to crossfit trainer is all about the upper body and nothing about animal cruelty. In the video, our trainer combines a strict muscle-up with an exercise knows as “skin the cat.” Both require you to use gymnastic rings, and a whole lot of strength from your shoulders and back. For muscle-ups, you’ll want to start with a false grip. This means that your hands are placed deeper in the rings with the rings almost curving under your wrist.

Now it is time to skin the cat. This is the move in the video where our trainer’s legs go beyond his head and between his arms. This is definitely an advanced exercise, but the benefits are numerous. The best aspect of the “skin the cat” exercise though would be the full range of motion you use in you shoulders. If trying to skin the cat, make sure your muscles are always in use, and allow the rings to rotate freely. Doing this will let your joints track naturally during the motions.

What do you think of combining a muscle-up and a skin the cat? Are there other exercises using rings that you would pair before skinning the cat? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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