GO Green Fit: Weighted Ring Push-Ups

Just aboutĀ everyone who has set foot in a gym can manage to do a decent set of push-ups. But if your push-ups are becoming too easy and you’re looking for a way to increase the difficulty of your workout, this push-up variation could do the trick. In the video, you see our crossfit trainer doing weighted ring push-ups. Technically this push-up has two variations, the added weight and the gymnastic rings. If you think you can handle the added 2-in-1 difficulty, give this a shot.

The main challenge that weighted ring push-ups pose is the added instability from the rings. The balance you are used to on the floor is gone, and now you’ll have to focus and really use your arm and core strength to remain stable on the rings. The added weight will make this more difficult and more rewarding. If you haven’t tried weighted ring push-ups before, practice without any added weight. As with most exercises, it is important to master the proper form before starting the heavy lifting.

Check out the Instagram video and watch our trainer perform the weighted ring push-up. Have you tried the weighted ring push-up, or another variation that you love? Share your thoughts in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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