GO Green Fit: Total Body #2

Our go-to crossfit trainer is no stranger to dedication and strength when it comes to pushing yourself further. This workout though is one of the most challenging as it is a total body routine and our trainer has set a 40 minute time cap for himself. He even includes something of a disclaimer before the video. You will be in pain, and you will get something out of it. This is also just the second part of a workout routine that targets just about every part of your body.

The workout consists of 8 sets of 7 different exercises, each with 8 reps. Our trainer begins with hang power snatches and follows that up with a set of toe-to-bar reps. From there he goes into burpees and hang power cleans. The final three exercises are front rack lunges, ring dips, and pull ups. Lunges are typically performed with the barbell behind your head, and the front variation is a bit more difficult. It requires more balance, but still works your core and increases your hip flexibility. This is in addition to the functionality of the exercise and the wonders it can do for your glutes. Ring dips and pull-ups then round out the routine by working your triceps and lats.

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What do you think of this intense workout? Our trainer’s time was 26:24, how close were you to his time? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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