GO Green Fit: Superman Push-Up

This video from our go-to crossfit trainer looks intense because it is. Here, our trainer combines a superman push-up with a bar muscle up to target the upper body. The trick to the superman push-up is to actually get your entire body off the ground. It takes more than just a strong chest to do this — you’ll have to dig into your back and ab strength as well. Unlike a typical push-up, your arms extend beyond your head. When lifting off the ground, push your toes and palms into the floor.

When combining this move with a bar muscle-up, you’ll be elevating your heart rate as well. Bar muscle-ups also require strength from your core as well as your upper body. This pair of exercises is ideal for toning up your upper body. When watching the video, notice how quickly our trainer transitions from one exercise to the next.

Have you tried the superman push-up combined with another exercise before? What other push-up variations take a toll but get results? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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