GO Green Fit: Muscle Ups

One of our favorite crossfit trainers has uploaded another video to Instagram. This time, he is showing us how to do muscle ups. This is another advanced move that takes a lot of work before you can attempt this, and more work to execute it properly. You can see just how much strength it requires when watching the video, especially the second half of the exercise when our trainer is already suspended and lifts his body up even further.

Muscle ups are the more intense version of a pull up or chin up. It combines a pull up with a dip so your body is constantly utilizing its muscles. Doing a pull up or a dip is easier because there is tension released with each. But with muscle ups, you are never not working. If you watch the trainer’s hands, you’ll see how he grips the handles in a way that lets his arms transition from the dip to the pull up. The hardest part of the dip is getting your shoulders above your hands. You can see how the trainer has a rolling motion for this part before straightening out his body. In the video, hewas aiming to to 2-3 muscle ups per minute. He ended up doing more.

How many muscle ups do you think you could do, if any? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.