GO Green Fit: Muscle-Ups x 5

Our favorite NYC-based crossfit trainer is back and doing more muscle-ups. ¬†This time he manages to do five, and we can’t image the burn he must be feeling. Muscle-ups are definitely a more experienced exercise when it comes to crossfit training. It takes a lot of practice to get right, and even more strength to execute. In the video, our trainer is performing the muscle-up in a more demanding way. Sure, he will probably see more results doing it this way, but if you want to see if you have at least one muscle-up in you, you can also do this exercise on a pull-up bar.

Start by hanging down from the bar with a false grip and pull yourself up as if you were doing just an ordinary pull-up. Then you lean your chest over in almost a roll and transition into a dip. Then comes the hard, strenuous part. You end the rep by pushing your body up even further.

How many muscle-ups can you do? Are there any other methods or tips that have worked for you? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.