GO Green Fit: Kneeling Muscle Cleans

This is not your Mom’s version of spring cleaning. In this Instagram video, our trainer uses a unique method of muscle cleans. Muscle cleans are one of the best lifts you can do when trying to bulk up your shoulders and deltoids. The benefit of kneeling muscle cleans, though, is that you don’t use your lower body to make the lift easier on your upper body. Watch the trainer’s body in this video, particularly his wrists and elbows. Form is always important when lifting, especially when lifting heavy amounts or upping your weight for a muscle group. Using the correct form often prevents injury, and ensures you make the most of your workout.

Kneeling muscle cleans are not a clean that you should start out with if you aren’t comfortable with lifting heavy amounts. A standard muscle clean that utilizes your legs is a better starting point. With those lifts, the strain on your body is more dispersed and easier to manage. We use the word “easier” lightly. Power cleans are upper-level lifts. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get there with enough work. Or if you are already there and love muscle cleans, the kneeling muscle clean is a great way to mix it up. Don’t let your body get too comfortable.

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