GO Green Fit: Deadlifts And Banded Sprints

If improving your overall fitness is a goal of yours, this Instagram video by our favorite NYC-based crossfit trainer shows you an intense work out that you need a buddy for. In the video, we see several football players exercising for strength rather than time. There are three exercises here, a deadlift, a banded sprint, and a pull up. Each set has 9 reps, then 6, and finally 3. It is a guaranteed way to break a sweat and make you sore in the best way.

The deadlifts and banded sprints are the key points in this routine. When it comes to deadlifts, there is hardly a better lift for building up muscle. It uses your entire body and puts one hell of a burn in your arms and legs. Start out with your feet under the center of the bar. Then, bend your knees up and lift with your back. Doing deadlifts properly will teach you how to lift things without hurting you back as well. The banded sprint is where you’ll need a friend, or at least something stable and strong to tie the band to. Banded sprints are a fun exercise if you can do them, and a great way to interval train. When the tension from the band brings you back, start running again. The pull ups are also a good finishing touch to work those arms before getting back to the next set of deadlifts.

Which of these exercises have you tried and which one worked the best? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting @underwearexpert.