GO Green Fit: Alternating Kettlebell Snatch

The alternating kettlebell snatch is one of those moves that looks intimidating but is pretty simple to execute with practice and focus. If you haven’t tried this move before, start with a smaller weight and see what you can manage. However, where form is concerned, the kettlebell snatch isn’t difficult to learn. While nothing about exercise is meant to be easy, this is probably the most comfortable way to bulk up your shoulders. Don’t expect to make it look as easy as our man in the video though.

In the video, we see our trainer has one leg resting on the bench. The same leg stays propped up, regardless of the switching arms for the alternating kettlebell snatch. He does 20 snatches on each arm, then 16, then 12. To get the form right, watch his hips. Your hips act like a hinge during the lift and help to power the entire movement. For the final extension of the alternating kettlebell snatch, the press, you want to lockout your arm while keeping your wrist straight. It is a bit hard to pull off, and some trainers would suggest holding off an kettlebell snatches until you can do so.

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