Game On With Nasty Pig, For Your Eyes Only

Have you seen the Game On video from Nasty Pig yet? This cheeky little movie flaunts looks from the brand’s Spring/Summer 2014 collections. And while everyone has a type, the guys in this video are all hot and pull off pieces of underwear, activewear, and swimwear. There really is something for everyone in the Game On video. The video has a playful, techie feel to it where a computer identifies the models and the looks they are wearing. But this vid is more about hardware than software, if you look at all those muscles.

The models are displayed as if being viewed through a scanner; something like a metal-detector at the airport or the profiles of international spies. However, they don’t always come off so distant. In between identifying the Nasty Pig looks, the models dance like no one is watching for the camera. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination… Feast your eyes on the video.

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Photo Credit: Nasty Pig

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