Fixate On Max Papendieck, Obsession #6

The latest installment in Daniel Jaems’ photo series “Obsession” is another insanely sexy collection of photos. This time around, it’s all about the chiseled, handsome Max Papendieck. Max has a face hot enough to make your knees give out. His jawline is super masculine, sharp enough to cut glass. And in more than a few shots, he leers at the camera without holding back. Dressed in an assortment of briefs and boxer briefs, Max Papendieck gives the camera his all, making it easy to obsess over his impossibly perfect body.

The photo shoot includes black and white stills as well as colored shots. The brightly-colored undies pop in a few of the color photos, especially the ones where Max is in a spicy red brief and lifting his waist. Another shot shows Max sitting on the ground, one leg held against his body. He rests his head on his knee, and the resulting photograph is beautiful and sensual. The best black and white photo is the close-up of Max. The camera gets close enough for us to see the texture of his lips and the shine in his eyes. It’s enough to drive you crazy. Thankfully, we are allowed to stare.

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Photo Credit: Daniel Jaems